Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist

Imagine living a more fulfilling life.

Achieving a positive lifestyle change, is one of life's most satisfying experiences.

I can make it easy for you.

If you are ready to be a better you, my unique combination of techniques can quickly and effectively help you form a strong foundation to maintain a successful positive change.

My counselling includes hypnotherapy as an important part of your progress, this type of therapy is designed to reinforce the new habits and daily routines in your subconscious mind, so you don't have to rely on willpower alone.


  • Weight Management
  • Weight Loss with Virtual Gastric Band 
  • Anxiety and Stress Management
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Pain Management / Chronic Pain
  • Quit Smoking
  • Restore Relationships
  • Counselling
  • Insomnia
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If you would like to know more or would like to arrange a consultation, please contact me on 0424 400 738 I would love to hear from you.


Angelina gives up smoking.

Hi I’m Angelina and I have been seeing Bonnie for hypnosis to quit smoking, and I have to say It was the best thing that I ever did. A great decision I feel happier, lighter and naturally making decisions that are good for my body, good for my lungs, good for my mental health and it’s not a struggle and it’s not hard.

I am not thinking about that time that I could be picking up that cigarette and it’s not a difficult decision to replace it with a healthy meal or a cup of tea . With the regular stress of being a mum of three and trying to run my own business. I think that this is a decision that you really want to make its really good for your health and not just your body health but your mental health too, making those correct decisions for your body, is a mental decision that makes you in control of who you are in your life - so thank you. *

Angelina Business Owner

Tracy is now Free from anxiety, stress and negative thoughts

When I had the opportunity to experience hypnotherapy I had two distinct goals in mind: the first was to seek a more peaceful life and the second was to gain assistance in understanding how I could address my anxiety, tension and stress in relation to a family member who I was allowing to affect my marriage.

Through the guidance of the therapist in the hypnotherapy sessions, my goals soon became a reality. 

Without a doubt hypnotherapy has been a success story for me, not only due to the fact that I have found I could have a better relationship with my husband but I am more aware of triggers now, which, before hypnotherapy, resulted in me being negative, overwhelmed, frustrated and anxious. This default, I found, was becoming the norm for me, most days, and I was eager to find how to replace these feelings to be positive and more progressive. 

My consultant Bonnie Cardiff was fantastic, she was understanding, patient, considerate and supportive. I learnt self-help tools and I am now concentrating on the benefits of making plans and future achievable goals. The sessions were thought provoking, relaxing and I physically enjoyed the experience. I felt like a load of cement had been lifted off me. A physical feeling of total relaxation came over me during the sessions and after the third session, that night, I slept so deeply that I felt like I had been soundly asleep for 12 hours. I remember having vivid, pleasant and fulfilling dreams which relaxed me and left me with a feeling of overall peacefulness.

I highly recommend hypnotherapy for anyone who genuinely wants to increase their motivation to make changes in their life and choose their own destiny.


Tracy Teachers Aid

Sarah has Quit Smoking after 20 years.

Things started to really happen for me after my second hypnotherapy session, I am now a non-smoker, after 20 years of smoking.

I have totally kicked the habit, I have tried to stop before and have seen all different types of health providers but I wasn’t able to stop. The other health providers made me feel like I was in cattle class and I am amazed on how much attention to detail and support that I received from Bonnie to help me kick the habit.

I have a lot more energy now, my kids are very proud that I don't smoke anymore. I am planning to take the kids on a oversea holidays next year with the money I have saved from not smoking.


Sarah Student

Raechel's phobia cure

Bonnie was an incredible help for me to overcome a phobia that was affecting many areas of my life. Bonnie was very patient, showing a genuine interest and desire to help me. She made me feel very relaxed throughout the whole process and I cannot thank her enough for giving me the empowerment to conquer a phobia that I didn't think would be possible. I recommend Bonnie to anyone and cannot thank her enough for giving me my strength and life back.

Thank you Bonnie.*

Raechel Student

Suzanne's successful Migraine Relief

After my first session with Bonnie I felt more calm and energised. Over the next week I was more focused on my perfect day and what I would like to achieve.

After the course of my sessions I felt more at peace, more energised and my migraines had shifted to headaches. I starting to set boundaries within my life and my workplace which was great. I love all the techniques Bonnie taught me to continue using in my day to day life, and I continue to practice with the glove Ansesthesia which during the session I felt very strongly. It was always great too after a session to receive a email going over the session and techniques we had worked with, for me I felt this was a huge bonus to the session itself as I wasn't worried to have to remember everything during the session.

Thank you Bonnie for showing me how powerful hypnotherapy can be.


Suzanne Receptionist

* DISCLAIMER Even though I have a high success rate with my clients, success cannot be 100% guaranteed as results can vary from individual to individual.